11 Must Have Products To Keep Your Mercedes-Benz Looking New

A Mercedes-Benz is an investment in luxury. Protect your Mercedes-Benz with these helpful products.

Trash Bin

From receipts to straw wrappers left behind after your morning coffee runs - there probably isn’t a shortage of trash in your vehicle. Invest in an over-the-seat trash bin. These containers offer a neat place to discard your waste, keeping it off the floor.

Leather Honey Cleanser and Conditioner

A luxury of ownership is the plush, double-stitched leather that lines your seats and headrests. Protect it with Leather Honey Cleanser and Conditioner. These non-toxic products remove oil and other contaminants while also protecting against fading and cracking.

Interior Defense

Prolonged sun exposure can lead to dash fading. Sunshades are unattractive and inconvenient. Interior Defense is a non-oil based product that cleans and shields the dash with a layer of UV protection. It can be used on any wood, plastic, rubber or vinyl surface.

Turtle Wax Bug Remover

A trail of bugs stuck in the grill isn’t just a sight for sore eyes, it’s also a pain to remove. Turtle Wax Bug Remover can help. This foam based cleaner is designed to dislodge bugs, bird droppings and tar, allowing you to easily rinse them away.

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

All-purpose cleaners aren't for vehicles. Use Adam’s Wash Shampoo instead. This high-foam formula is concentrated and pH neutral, making it effective, yet gentle. It's excellent for keeping your car cleaner long after a professional Mercedes-Benz detail service.

Armor All Outlast Tire Glass

The Armor All brand is synonymous with shine, and for good reason. Tire Glaze spray dries quickly and keeps your tires looking wet and shiny, not just immediately after application, but it can last for several washes.

Seat Protectors

Whether it’s your furry friend’s claws or your dirty sporting gear, if you aren’t covering the area with a seat protector there is always a risk for damage. Seat protectors come in a variety of materials and can easily be fastened and removed as necessary.

Meguiar’s Scratch Remover

Key scratches and door dings are inevitable, but Meguiar’s Scratch Remover can help keep your paint looking new. When applied in a circular motion, the remover works by buffing small imperfections to smooth out and shine the surface.

Handheld Vacuum

Dirt, gravel and sand can damage fibers, causing the carpet to look worn. Since there isn’t always time to visit the carwash, having a handheld vacuum allows you to quickly remove these particles before they scuff up the carpet.

Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit

Cloudy lights don’t just look bad; they can also serve as a safety hazard as they reduce your visibility. Keep the lights clean with a Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit. This product removes oxidation, revealing a crystal clear, streak-free finish.

Chemical Guys Wet Wax

A high-quality wax is one that is 100% carnauba-based, provides deep shine and has built-in UVB and UVA protection. Chemicals Guys Wet Wax offers these qualities. With a single application, you won’t just give your vehicle a dramatic shine, you'll also give your paint an extra layer of protection.

Your Mercedes-Benz care efforts keep your vehicle looking great and help retain a higher resale value.

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