Independent Vs Franchised Mercedes-Benz Dealerships

It’s important for many Mercedes-Benz owners to be able to differentiate the differences between a franchised Mercedes-Benz dealership and an Independent dealership. Oftentimes, this lack of understanding can create a hesitancy and unawareness for the Mercedes-Benz owner to maximize an Independent Mercedes-Benz dealership’s services.

This lack of understanding can result in a substantial financial cost to the Mercedes-Benz owner, because an Independent dealership provides the same level of service, even better at times, than many franchised dealerships can, but at a significant discount.

Independents have a business model where personalized quality service is provided at a markdown from the large franchised dealerships that required payments to Mercedes-Benz for specific information in order to be a franchised business.

Regularly, many owners that experience service from an Independent Mercedes-Benz service center continually return not only for the price savings, but for the level of trust and honesty built through established personal relationships in these more service oriented Independent Mercedes-Benz centers.

Independent car dealerships always have lower costs of operation and expenses in relation to their larger franchised dealers due to a number of factors. A franchise owner must adhere to the specific manufacturer’s guidelines and rules for operation. This means that each and every franchised Mercedes Benz dealership must follow guidelines implemented from Germany across their entire global network.

If the manufacturers’ policy is not profitable for a particular dealership in Mexico, but perfect for Mercedes-Benz in Europe, these costs must be made up in other profitable services for the specific dealer. Franchise dealers adhere to such a policy because only they can purchase new vehicles directly from Mercedes Benz, allowing them the ability to sell the newest model available on the market.

Both franchised and Independent dealerships have highly trained mechanics and technicians with the same certifications for exemplary service.

However, a franchised dealership is required again to to have more expensive training and classes on new vehicle models each year. This training is a cost issued by the manufacturer and includes expensive purchases for specialized tools to the manufacturer along with those training costs. This extra expense of business for franchised dealers is reflected in the sales prices and service prices for your Mercedes Benz.

An Independent dealership can have access to the same tools, education and computers for a fraction of the price for their certified mechanics that can properly repair cars. The most important policy for an Independent dealership is the quality and consistency of excellent service that Mercedes owners expect.

Independent Mercedes Benz dealerships in the San Diego area keep their overhead to a minimum, while providing excellent customer service in a trusting environment. An Independent dealership has more concern for their present and future business and would rather build a loyal relationship on each vehicle serviced and sold instead of running an assembly line of vehicles through their service department.

Purchasing a car or servicing your car at a trustworthy, Independent Mercedes-Benz dealership that is in your local San Diego area, allows you to obtain services at a reasonable price, so as not to empty your wallet. Independent dealerships have the utmost concern for their customers and value your business. They would much rather have repeat business from satisfied customers than to make a bundle on just one.

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