Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC All Wheel Drive

Whether it is a torrential downpour or just attempting to navigate rough terrain or a fast curve, you want to keep you and your family safe under these extreme circumstances.

Mercedes-Benz feels the same way about keeping everyone secure, which is why the 4MATIC all-wheel driving system in is place in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

History of 4MATIC

German Mechanical Engineer, Paul Daimler is credited with designing the first all-wheel drive in 1903.

Between that time and 1985, this system made difficult jobs such as farming, construction and activities including military and cross-country driving easier.

Later on, the anti-lock braking method was combined with all-wheel drive, which laid the ground for succeeding transition advancements.

In 1985, Mercedes-Benz rolled out its new 4MATIC system at the Auto Show in Frankfort, Germany.

Since that time, 4MATIC continues to progress with Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz has recently included differential gears, which helps the wheels to rotate at two different speeds on dangerous curves.

Today, you will find 4MATIC on most Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the U.S. as well as internationally.

How does 4MATIC work?

Today, automobiles feature all-wheel drive; however, Mercedes-Benz has brought more to the table.

Rather than the traditional driving system in most vehicles some manufacturers have attached to their four-wheel driving system from their previous basic two-wheel drive vehicles, 4MATIC is fully emerged into the transmission, axles, driveshaft and multiple safety elements on a Mercedes-Benz.

So how does it work?

Simply put, it improves your driving when you find yourself in problematic situations.

Under normal weather and road conditions, the 4MATIC all-wheel drive (AWD) centers the car by distributing the torque or force of acceleration in the front and back wheels.

Under hazardous conditions, the specialized system goes into action by transferring power to the wheels that need it most.

Since the vital factor of 4MATIC is structured in such a way, in which the transmission, anti-locking brakes and the torsion is stabilized electronically, this combination delivers support so you do not have to worry about constantly switching gears.

This also keeps you free to concentrate fully on steering.

Skidding across icy roads is a nightmare, but with 4MATIC (AWD), you will be able to experience how the system is programmed to provide ample traction in keeping the slipping tire(s) on the road, maintaining the force and grip with the other unaffected wheels, which balance it out.

The engineers of the 4MATIC system have made it possible for the Mercedes-Benz to continue to monitor the road conditions, so if you are get caught in any type of weather or a smooth road becomes rough, you and your family will not be left feeling vulnerable.

Benefits of 4MATIC

The 4MATIC (AWD) in Mercedes-Benz offers many benefits for consumers.

It is a lightweight system, in which you will not face a huge drain on fuel, as in other manufacturer’s (AWD).

There are no surprises or fear on how the vehicle fitted with 4MATIC is going to react on various road surfaces and changing weather conditions. A major concern is how a car will perform when there is accumulation, precipitation or a sheet of ice on the roadways. Also changing from concrete to gravel or uneven surfaces are issues in which you do not need to be anxious about with this cutting-edge system.

With the encapsulation axle shaft, the noise and vibration factors are low. This contributes to the vehicle not engaging in shaking you up, even while traveling across rough spots.

The unique sensors linked to the 4MATIC (AWD), utilize these detectors to assess the individual speed of each tire, the tilt of the steering wheel, acceleration as well as the car’s axial motion. With the information from the sensors, the small digital computer will align the anti-braking for the driving condition. This keep individuals from automatically pressing on the brakes, which could result in an accident.

The luxury vehicles of Mercedes-Benz

As an Independent Mercedes-Benz Dealership, we understand why Mercedes-Benz conjures up elegance and style.

Over the years, Mercedes-Benz has made great strides in the automobile industry, with other manufactures playing follow the leader.

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