Mercedes-Benz Drive Assist Technology

Due to the rising number of road accidents, Mercedes-Benz has been innovating so as to try and reduce or prevent accidents before they occur.

Mercedes-Benz technology and safety has been taken to another level where drivers get help through detectors installed on the vehicle to sense unusual incidents. These measures include the following:


This is a measure set to sense when an accident is about to occur.

The pre-safe with the help of other sensors can detect conditions that suggest the occurrence of an accident, for example, when the driver stops or turns the car too quickly or even when there is a collision indication.

It does so by distance measurement between the vehicle and an object.

The detector then adjusts, like tightening the seat belts and even closing the windows if they are open.

This is to prepare the passengers and put them in a more comfortable position.

If there is no accident, the windows reopen and the seat belts are loosened.

The benefit of this driver assist is that it prepares the passengers for an accident before it occurs. This helps them to think of a way to escape the accident.

Distronic Plus

It works together with pre-safe to prevent collision of vehicles.

It is a sensor installed on the outside of the vehicle which can detect if traffic has been stopped or slowed.

If a collision could occur, the Distronic Plus communicates with the pre-safe and the brakes are turned on.

This notifies the driver about the possible collision that could occur, and the driver has the ability to brake 100%, since pre-safe only utilizes the brakes at 40%.

Active Blind Spot Assist

As danger approaches, the driver is never aware of the direction it will come from, and the blind spot assist is meant to help a driver with that.

A sensor is installed in the bumper which detects when a car is alongside yours.

After detecting the potential danger, signals are sent to the side mirror where a red light is displayed so the driver can know and move away from danger.

Lane Keeping Assist

The lanes on the road that divide the road each lane are used to help feed information into the Lane Assist sensor.

If you want to change your lane, there is a sound alert. The lane keeping assist is a camera that keeps watch on the markings dividing the road as you move to another lane.

If it detects that you are moving away from your lane unknowingly, the steering wheel vibrates. The pre-safe brakes can then turn on the brakes to the specific side of the vehicle, allowing it to come back to its lane.

Attention Assist

After a long distance drive, the driver is bound to get tired.

This could lead to dizziness and could distract him/her from driving. The attention assist is meant to master your entire driving styles and habits when you are still not tired and as the journey continues.

It works by gathering information from other sensors. It can then detect changes in the driver’s driving style, and if it adds up that s/he could be tired, it gives an alert that they need to stop and get some rest.

Night View Assist Plus

This helps the driver to see appearing obstacles at night like pedestrians and cyclists.

This system only functions when the driver is driving at a speed of 10 mph and above.

The system has to be switched on by the driver. The images of the obstacle are projected to a display in the instrument cluster to give the driver a notice before the low beam head lamp range. This prevents him from hitting the obstacle.


These are sensors that are located in the rear bumpers and provide the driver with indications of the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle that s/he cannot see. It functions at the speed of 11 mph and below. It works automatically when the parking brake is released or can be activated manually.

Benefits Of These Measures

The main objective of installing these sensors is to avoid accidents.

They have helped in preventing collision accidents between vehicles and keeping drivers safe.

Mercedes-Benz owners can drive with confidence as the sensors will show them the right path in case they go astray.

One does not have to fear driving at night as there are night time assists. The benefits precede any notable costs that you could incur while installing and maintaining them.

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