Mercedes-Benz Safety

If you're curious about the safety of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, then read on.

For many reasons, Mercedes-Benz is one of the safest cars on the market, and the company is committed to maintaining their high safety ratings worldwide.

Mercedes-Benz engineers and innovators have been preparing for over fifty years for an interaction that should not have to take place as you drive their vehicles: the accident.

In a Mercedes-Benz, they designed the crumple zone, which was invented for safety's sake. There are also numerous inventions in the realm of vehicle occupant protection and the avoidance of accidents.

Mercedes-Benz puts safety first, and it eventually leads other vehicle companies to follow in its footsteps.

Every Mercedes-Benz features a PRE-SAFE system. This system is set up to use sensors to know when an accident might occur, such as if there is extreme skidding.

It automatically tightens the seat belts, adjusts the head restraints, and it can even close the sunroof and the windows to prepare for a safe outcome, if there were to be an avoidable accident.

Mercedes-Benz also has a feature called DISTRONIC PLUS with a PRE-SAFE brake. In this case, radar-powered sensors scan ahead of the vehicle for slowing traffic, or for stopped traffic, which could potentially cause a problem on the road.

Then, the system generates and initiates up to 40% of the power of the brakes, so that when you should fail to brake, the system will generate up to 100% of the braking power by itself, thus ensuring that there is an "electronic crumple zone," just in case there is indeed a collision. The PRE-SAFE safety features are guaranteed to keep you safe as you travel in your Mercedes Benz.

Another safety feature of the Mercedes Benz is ATTENTION ASSIST.

As you probably know from all those long trips you've taken in your car, it's quite possible to get really tired while driving, especially if you haven't had enough sleep, or if you are going long distances.

One thing ATTENTION ASSIST focuses on is you, and your driving style too. It measures more than 70 parameters early on when you are driving, so it takes notes, so to speak, on how you usually are behind the wheel, especially when alert and prepared to drive well.

As you keep driving, the car's ATTENTION ASSIST can then detect if you are beginning to get drowsy. It takes a number of things into consideration to measure this, including winds and crosswinds, the smoothness of the road, and interactions with other drivers. Then the vehicle is able to act as needed, sounding an alarm for you to know that you should rest. This is much needed and provides an essential safety tool.

Another thing Mercedes-Benz has is Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist.

If you look to your mirror, and there is someone in your blind spot, a red spot will appear on your mirror, letting you know that it's not okay to move there. And if you signal to change lines, an alarm sounds, letting you know that there's someone in your blind spot.

Also, if you ever start drifting into the wrong lane, the Lane Keeping Assist will gently remind you. Also, with either of these features, the car can automatically apply the brakes to make sure that you don't have an accident, much as mentioned before in the section on pre-safety devices.

As you can see, the Mercedes Benz is prepared to keep you safer than any other car. So, why not give it a try?

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