Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Customizations

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van has become the ultimate multi-use vehicle that has provided Mercedes-Benz luxury consumers with options from outdoor use, to work trucks, to the ultimate in luxury.

What has made some of these vehicles so amazing has been the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter customization as a mobile office for business travelers. The large layout of the Sprinter vehicle has allowed for numerous roving offices to be customized to exact specifications.

These are perfect for any sales team, luxury traveler or corporate team looking to utilize the Sprinter as a mobile office while still maintaining a sense of luxury with the opportunity to impress potential clients.

There are some well know companies in the US that specialize in Sprinter customizations, including Midwest Automotive Design. One unique location though where these mobile offices have truly taken off is in India, largely developed by DC Designs for business clients in Mumbai. Dealing with the busy traffic and difficulty of getting around, many have opted to utilize the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as an office to have the ability to work.

These mobile offices provides all the amenities that any corporate executive could need, as well as the potential for additional security features for those that feel the need for safety. Many of these vehicles come equipped with touchscreen TVs, premium sound systems, wood in-lays and iPads enabled by wifi to control their smart Sprinter.

Designers have followed the customization of private aviation to maximize space of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, including plush leather airline style seats for luxury and space efficiency. Some designers have even seen such unique requests as a bathroom or even workout facility.

In places where traffic can be hours long, both in the US and foreign countries, these sleek designed Sprinter vans provide the ultimate in luxury while still allowing one to stay efficient and continue working. Instead of opting for an expensive Mercedes-Maybach and driver to help drive you around while you work in a smaller backseat, these fully equipped offices can handle any needs an executive would be looking for. Completely connected to the world, it is as though they haven’t left their office.

Even stateside many companies have started to market Sprinter customizations and designs for the traveling executive. In LA, Beverly Hills Becker Auto Designbegan to customize Sprinter vehicles for busy LA highways. Many executives, forced to deal with increasing traffic even in LA require the ability to continue to work while dealing with unforeseen traffic conditions on busy highways.

These are luxurious conference rooms that have the capability to handle up to seven passengers. The ability to customize seating arraignments and add needed tools for productivity provide Mercedes-Benz customized vans as a much better alternative than an Escalade.

The product of efficiency isn’t the only perk of a customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. As with private corporate jets, any clients invited to join a ride on these will enjoy the luxury and unique features. This is certainly a selling point for businesses’ that may need to transport clients in luxury often.

Due to such specific customizations and luxurious leather and wood used, most Sprinter projects take around seven months to complete at a cost of around $250,000 - $450,000.

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