Mercedes-Benz Teen Driving Academy

Mercedes-Benz has some positive news for San Diego drivers. Announced during the San Diego Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz plans to open a new teen-driving academy by midyear 2014.

The first successful teen driving school was first launched in 2011 in Los Angeles with an additional Mercedes-Benz driving school in Orange County after. These academies are DMV-certified and provide a huge community benefit to behind the wheel for new teen drivers.

With multiple program curriculums to choose from, drivers and parents can customize exactly what they’re looking for. At the LA academy, programs range from $170 sessions to complete $1,390 courses.

The core concept of these programs is the development of key decision-making skills while sharpening more responsible drivers.

The Mercedes-Benz academy mentors these young drivers with programs like the Graduated Driver Licensing rules. The Graduated Driver License integrates driver education with online class work and hands-on driving.

While the program targets improving a new teen driver’s skill development and confidence behind the wheel, there’s also a focal point on parental involvement that is significant to the driver’s success.

Mercedes-Benz has always been a leader in vehicle safety and has begun to focus on improving driver skill in addition to car safety features among the youth. Adults that have been loyal to the Mercedes-Benz brand will eventually be purchasing their younger children a Mercedes-Benz, or perhaps handing down their older vehicle for a newer one.

With the success of the Mercedes-Benz CLA and it's attractive pricing for younger drivers, Mercedes-Benz has focused on building loyalty along with safety and training with new drivers. Carolyn Duchene, director of the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, noted,

“the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy is a natural extension of our ongoing commitment to accident-free driving”.

Mercedes-Benz has also been one of the major car manufacturers in Silicon Valley looking to adopt self-driving vehicles. It is believed by many that the technology already exists yet the issue itself is regulatory in the United States.

Mercedes-Benz adopted many features of their successful sport AMG Driving Academy program for adults to benefit their teen driver program. The AMG driving academy focuses on Basic, Advanced and Pro courses to mature driving technique and skill.

These courses expose drivers to advanced driving maneuvers and exercises focused on high-speed lead/follow, basics of over steer and under steer, threshold braking and slalom techniques.

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