Why The Independent Mercedes-Benz Shop Is Your Best Choice

From restaurants and coffee shops to superstores and car dealerships, consumers today are used to the chain stores that pop up all over the place and sadly the rushed impersonal service that often accompanies them.

When you make a phone call there is always a recording on the other end and when you show up for any service you have to take a number or fill out a survey.

While the convenience of knowing exactly what to expect is helpful, there are a number of reasons why  you should choose an independently owned and operated dealership over a franchised auto dealership.

The building of personal relationships helps us express the importance and care we have for our consumers.

Unlike chain dealerships looking for a quick sale, or anything to boost their numbers and meet quotas, our Independent Mercedes-Benz Dealership in San Diego wants to get to know you and get to know your needs and wants over time.

With so many different choices, it’s the only way to help you find the perfect Mercedes-Benz and continue to maintain it. And when you are ready to trade up or trade in, we'll be there for that too.

It is well known that small, local and independently operated businesses have the strongest customer service. Owning and being directly involved in the establishment and growing of a business gives you a certain level of pride and care than just working for a chain or franchised business.

As an independent Mercedes-Benz dealership, we have hands-on control and the ability to decide our own prices without any expensive overhead or quota’s to meet from corporate. That means we can be flexible. It’s our job to give you the perfect Mercedes-Benz experience and we promise you won’t leave without being satisfied.

Our dealership doesn't contain any high pressured sales or showroom walk throughs. We don't focus on high up-sells or unneeded work. We have no high-pressure sales tactics or inflated prices that make you think you are negotiating. We use transparency in all our transactions and care more about seeing the smile on your face as you drive away from your easy Mercedes-Benz experience.

South Bay Autohaus has been an Independent Mercedes-Benz Dealership in San Diego with overs 25 years’ experience in customer relations building that makes us stand out above those chain dealerships.

Founded on the principles of honesty and integrity, and always offering fair prices, our shop prides itself on service and commitment to strong values.

Customers return year after year and even bring their children along when they are ready for their first Mercedes-Benz. We are your neighborhood auto dealer and care about our community.

We've know our customers for years, how their kids are doing and exactly how we treated their car over the years. We hold a strong honor in helping our customers find exactly what they are looking for.

We love to celebrate your joys with you! Bring yourself, bring your family, you can even bring your pet—to make sure he fits, after all--and we will help you find your perfect Mercedes-Benz.

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