How Mercedes-Benz Diesel Engines Work

With diesel engines fast replacing the petrol variations in all type of cars, Sedans and SUVs alike, there is a demand for a diesel engine that is efficient with lower emissions and higher power. Diesel engines have become an integral part in both cars and trucks, with many focused on the reduction of CO2 emissions. When it comes to exemplary performance and innovative techniques, Mercedes-Benz is definitely a brand that continues to innovate and develop their diesel engine designs. They have been continually working towards achieving excellence, and with their newest diesel engine, the OM654, another jewel has been added to their collection of engines.

More Optimal and More Efficient

Optimal power usage and efficient performance are two main attributes that one can associate with Mercedes-Benz engines. Mercedes-Benz has always worked towards sustainability in motion and they have always been driven to optimize the performance of the combustion engines in their vehicles. In that train of thought, the OM654 is expected to serve the entire fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the E-Class to S-Class providing optimal and efficient performance with the luxury of Mercedes-Benz, the dream of every car owner.

What Does This New Engine Entail?

The new  diesel engine OM654 makes use of aluminum in its construction, uses four cylinders, and is quite light in weight compared to its previous counterparts.  The engine will continue to use the stepped combustion bowls, a design synonymous with Mercedes-Benz.  So you are definitely guaranteed a lower level of emission in terms of particulates.  In fact, according to Dr. Thomas Weber of Daimler group, this engine is all set to meet the emission standards for the future as well. This engine has the technologies of exhaust treatment designed onto itself and comes with the common rail injection of the 4th generation. The pistons are set in steel for coping with the forces inside but are shaped uniquely for reducing the buildup of soot.

What Does It Offer?

When you compare other engines of a similar design and make you'll be surprised by the stats of OM654. It offers less friction and even lower emissions of NOx and CO2. The engine also ensures a much lower vibration and very low noise level compared to previous editions and its current counterparts.  While all this is low, there is no compromise on power, the output has risen by 24bhp with a 11% better spin for the engine. It is also 40% more efficient with regards to handling heat and is said to consume 13% less fuel than other diesel engines, which is indeed a boon to Mercedes-Benz owners.

How Is It Different From Others?

There are quite a few points that work highly in favor of this latest engine model from Mercedes-Benz. While it is true that it ensures lower emissions and improved performance, there will always be another model in the near future which will surpass this limit. So what really sets this diesel engine apart? Here are a few factors that have been handled well in the making of this engine and also what makes this engine a better option for your cars.

Designed For All

The latest engine is said to be used in the entire fleet of Mercedes-Benz diesel cars and Mercedes-Benz diesel vans alike. In fact, the design has been done bearing in mind that there is no real big difference between consumption in real world and standard test scenarios.

The dimensions are so well designed that using them in different vehicles will not require a lot of modulation as the engine is compact enough to fit into any kind of vehicle. With a standard interface between the vehicle and the drive unit, there will not be any significant changes expected in future vehicles using this engine.

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