The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Takes On Tesla

While many enjoyed the futuristic display of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 at the Paris Motor Show, another unveiling included the new Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ, a fully electric SUV.

Mercedes-Benz originally introduced consumers to the F 015 Luxury in Motion for their first fully electric self-driving vehicle. While the F 015 was a unique self driving office on wheels, the concept car was more a display of technical innovation than specific market demand.

This time Mercedes-Benz has decided to produce a concept car that will have a much stronger market. As a fully electric SUV, Mercedes-Benz continues to push into the SUV market that has remained strong.

Almost 25% of vehicles currently sold are SUV’s, and with the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz GLA a while back Mercedes-Benz continues to strongly push into this market.

The GLA was a direct competitor for market dominance BMW and Audi were taking in the SUV and compact SUV space. Mercedes-Benz isn’t only focused on the SUV market, as Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche insisted the fully scalable powertrains and architectures inside the Generation EQ would give Mercedes-Benz a battery-electric family of an SUV, a sedan, a wagon, a coupe, two and four seat convertibles and more.

The Generation EQ is still a concept car but considered to be very close to a production model, with many saying the production vehicle will bear a very similar resemblance to the concept car. This look is being called the electro look by Mercedes-Benz, a futuristic minimalism similar to the zero emission minimalism of the vehicle.

The Generation EQ is powered by two electric motors producing 402 hp, providing a 0 - 60 mph in under 5 seconds. Energy in reserved in a 70 kWh battery providing coverage for 300 miles.

The electro look designed interior has a sleek minimalism. It includes a floating wide display and lack of knobs, relying instead of touch sensitive interfaces in order to control the vehicle.

This is expected for a company that continues to innovate in autonomous driving. No need for knobs when you being driven and your car is now your iPad as well. Mercedes-Benz is utilizing their HERE mapping system to provide driver assistance programs to fully develop autonomous vehicles.

But the real innovation is Mercedes-Benz venturing into every aspect of zero emission, clean energy consumer products. This is direct competition for Tesla, as Zetsche says, "EQ stands for a comprehensive electric ecosystem of services, technologies and innovations. That includes everything from fast-charging wallboxes to home-based lithium-ion energy storage units, with all of it falling under the new EQ badge.”</blockquote></p>

Those in the luxury market looking for electric vehicles continue to have more and more choices as luxury manufacturers continue to develop and innovate their electric production line. But Mercedes-Benz continues to be a leader as they stand on their four pillars of being connected, autonomous, shared and electric.

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